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Federal & state standards & regs


Federal Legislation  |  State Laws  |  Safety Regs  |  Safety Records  |  Agencies

Standards  |  PatentsProduct liability  |  School legislation  |  Disabled Accommodation

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Federal Legislation

Code Federal Regulations (CFR)

Federal Regs  |  Electronic codes

Congressional bills  |  Thomas guide

US govt bookstore

Court opinions

Supreme Court  |  Find  |  Federal courts

Hawaii opinions (site)  |  California opinions


Laws and Regulations — Reference desk

Findlaw Law library

Findlaw  |  Legal assoc  |  Forms

Federal resources  |  Intellectual property

Library of Congress


Free law review journals


State Legislation & Regulations

State of California

Bills & statutes (California)

State of Florida


State of Hawaii

Hawaii revised statutes  |  Consumers

State of New York

New York  |  NY

More resources

Legislative source book  State laws & regulations

FindLaw state laws, codes & statutes

Health and safety oversight

National Institute Occup. Safety & Health

cdc.gov/NIOSH  |  Search

Ergonomics  |  Workplace stress  |  Science blog

MSDs  |  Topics  |  Pubs  |  Hand tools

OSHA Ergonomics (Federal)
Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Executive Order exerts control over Safety

OSHA  |  Subjects  |  OSHA Regs  |  Compliance

Work ergonomics  |  Guidelines  |  Data  |  Nursing

OSHA warnsCompanies w/high injuries  (xls)

OSHA Ergonomics Rule: responses to comments
(Since rescinded)

State OSHA plans  |  State plans compared

OSHA Log 300 forms:  xls  and  zipped pdf

Employer’s rights & responsibilities (OSHA)

Employee rights & responsibilities  |  More  |  Also

Americans with Disabilities Act  |  ADA resources

CAL-OSHA Ergonomics
California State CALOSHA

dir.ca.gov  |  Regs  |  Search regs  |  Site

Ergo Std.  |  Physician’s guide to ErgoStd

Health Hazard evaluations

Cal-OSHA Reporter data & downloads

California Health & Safety Regulations

OSHA Ergonomics
Washington State OSHA

Find a law or rule

MSDs  |  Safety  |  A to Z topics

Safety & health  |  Tools  |  Search

LNI on Washington ErgoRule repeal

LNI’s ErgoRule: pdf  |  zip  |  Compliance
Probably the best of the ergonomics guidelines

Health, Safety and Occupational Injuries

Bureau of Labor Statistics

A second look at BLS

BLS data  |  Injuries & illnesses

SIC code  |  As defined  |  More BLS

Assorted related

Economic consequences of MSDs

95% Workers Comp Connecticut unreported

Effect of unions on filing claims  (200K pdf)
written by Punnett, Warren, Dillon, & Morse

Workers’ Comp in transition nationally

MD drops "unusual activity" Workers Comp
Regular & usual risk factors had been allowed.
(So back then employers were not responsible
for chopping employees’ fingers if they did so every day?)

Background  |  Impact   (400K pdf)

Edison represents workplace injuries

PBS on Workers Comp

LA Times on workers comp fraud (43K pdf)

More questions about Workers Comp

Health & Safety Executive UK

UK: Work-related disease  |  Findings (3MB pdf)

HSE data  |  Disorders  |  MSDs  |  Stress

United Nations data

Population stats

New European datasets  |  EuroStat

Federal agencies

General Services Administration

GSA Facilities Stds  |  Court Design Stds  (4MB pdf)

General Accountability Office

gao.gov  |  Find reports  |  Search

GAO report:  Worker protection

GAO report: Contractor OS&H violations

National Criminal Justice Reference

ncjrs.org  |  Topics  |  Search

Revitalize Communities  |  Safe Schools

Prevent Crime thru Env Design  |  Crime Maps

Environmental Law Institute

elistore.org  |  Reports  |  Research

Building codes

Int’l Code Council  |  Disabled accessibility

Building materials

Building Materials Center   Univ. Massachusetts

State Codes

California Title 24 Bldg Codes  |  3MB pdf

Standards and legal bodies

Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturers

bifma.org  |  Ergonomics "Test for fit" (180K pdf)

BIFMA compliance photos  |  Evaluation

Am. Nat’l Standards Institute

ansi.org  |  Procedure  |  Search

Standards Resources & Organizations

British Standards

BS On-line  |  Library

German DIN Standards


European Union Standards

Current  &  draft European standards  |  pdf

cen.eu  |  Site  |  Search Int’l Standards

Search Ergonomic Standards

Ergonomics: Machine safety standards

Pers Protect Equipment  |  PPEs

Current & draft ergonomic standards

International Standards Organization

www.iso.ch  |  About ISO

ISO 9000 Glossary  |  EuroStat  |  9241  |  Search


BC Canada Workers Comp  safety
Ergonomics section  |  Ergo Regulations
Work Safe Ergonomics  |  MSDs (1 MB pdf)

European Agency for S&H at work

osha.europa.eu  |  Consumer data

Preventing work-related accidents

British Standards

Health & Safety Work Act 1974 (1989)  |  pdf

Computer Display Equipment Regs 1992  |  pdf

Free Law Resources
Guides  |  Resources  |  Search


American Association Justice
(formerly Trial Lawyers of America)


Consumer product news

American Bar Association

www.abanet.org  |  Resources

Products & product liability

Intellectual property

Humboldt U. copyright resources

Product liability in the UK

Guide to the Consumer Protection Act
UK Consumer Protection Act Facts
Dir 85/374/EEC Consumer Protection Act
from DTI  ©2003 Berr (formerly dti.uk.gov)

UK European Protection Centre Goods & Services


US Patent Office

uspto.gov  |  Advanced search

Patents  |  Numbers  |  Status  |  Info

Inventors resources  |  FAQ  |  Forms  |  Reader  |  Forums

Canadian Patent Office

patents1.ic.gc.ca  |  Search  |  Advanced

Database  |  Patent  |  Fees

Assignments  |  Industrial design database  |  Info

European Patent Offices

European patent offices  |  Also

International Intellectual property library

Patents  |  Search  |  Trademarks  |  Copyrights

Databases  |  DB2  |  Site  |  Search  |  FAQ


Worldwide offices  |  Intellectual property

Thompson Delphion

patentstorm.us  |  Search inventors  Free

delphion.com  |  Search  Free basic search

Patent information

Univ. Texas: Intellectual property

Language and science translations

Business, law
      and technical dictionaries

Medical and  transportation  |  Acronyms

Assorted other

Dictionaries  –  Search  |  Thesaurus

Translate online  |  Dictionaries & language

Medical and health


ToxNet  |  Search2  |  Latex

Materials Science Direct search


Infectious Diseases  (Traveling)


           litigation documents

Search docs in the UCSF digital library

Tobacco war  |  UC Tobacco Repository

Lead toxicity

New England J Medicine

OSHA lead standard  |  Evaluation

Asbestos resources

CDC   –   review  |  EPA

asbestos.com  –  Mesothelioma prognosis  (law firm)

World Health Organization  (WHO)

who.int  |  Topics


Resources  |  Legal  |  Agencies  |  Patents  |  Environmental design  |  Humor


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